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Darryl M. Reshaw
President, CEO

Darryl specializes in providing global sports solutions by converging marketing ideas and technology as a business strategy.

He is responsible for managing the business objectives of the company, developing feasible marketing strategies and creating a secure financial infrastructure for TASM.

Darryl has developed one of the most respectable and dynamic professional basketball sports agencies in the international market.

He is a certified NBA agent who has successfully negotiated over 130 basketball employment contracts in thirty (30) different countries over the past eight years.
Darryl is a key figure in the global basketball community.

Darryl serves as the special basketball analyst and media representative for Eurobasket at the NBA All Star weekend, NCAA Final Four, Euroleague Final Four and the World Basketball Championships every year.
He has interviewed a range of NBA stars and sports personalities while representing the basketball web site.
Eurobasket is the global on-line leader in providing basketball related information to the international market.
Darryl negotiated the rights for TASM to be Eurobasket’s strategic marketing partner.

TASM has created a network of valuable contacts including NBA executives, European general managers, top international coaches, sports media representatives, European sports federations, corporate contacts and many international basketball agents.

In 1997 Darryl was hired by Montgomery Research Inc. (MRI) as a Business Development Consultant and assisted in developing the marketing infrastructure for a variety of sponsorship projects.

He organized and negotiated on MRI's behalf strategic alliances with many CEO's of top Fortune 500 companies.

These projects successfully generated advertising revenue in the millions utilizing the global technology sector.

Darryl gained three years (1994-1997) of extensive international marketing experience as the International Sales Director and Advertising Executive for the EPL Group in London.

The EPL Group sold millions of dollars of advertising products to global technology companies looking to expand to the European government market.

Darryl understands all aspects of international marketing and how to develop a global distribution infrastructure.

He has lived in Europe for over eighteen (18) years managing TASM, working in the international advertising sector and playing professional basketball.

Darryl had a successful professional basketball career which lasted over ten (10) years in the top leagues in Europe.

He played in France, England, Israel, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy and the European Champions Cup in 1991.

Darryl was an All-Star player who received numerous awards, won several championships and maintained a 20ppg and 9rpg average throughout his professional career.

Prior to Europe he played in the NBA Summer Leagues and played college basketball at Sam Houston State (TX) and Regis University (CO) while being selected as an All-Conference player for three years.

Darryl graduated from Regis University (Denver, Co) with a Bachelor Science Degree in Business Administration and Computer Science.


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