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Bobby Burries
6’2" & 195lbs (1/2)

Bobby is a great combo guard who can do it all and has two years of FIBA Cup experience where he displayed his triple-double threat. In 2004-05 Bobby was one of the best Guards in the FIBA Cup competition where he averaged 22ppg, 7rpg and 7 assists per game.

Bobby averaged 23ppg and 8 assists per game in the FIBA Challenge Cup in 2003-04 for GALA (Azerbaijan) Bobby was a two-time NCAA Division II All-American for Cal-State Bernardino. Bobby proved he is ready for a high-level league in Europe. Bobby is a great scorer and he can play the point guard as well. In college he averaged 22 ppg and 6 assist per game during his last 3 seasons.




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