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This division consists of a network of former professional basketball players who are now either NBA agents or European agents. The network of agents are based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain and London. The fact that all of our associate agents are former players assists in identifying and relating to the needs of our athletes.

Our playing experience includes the NBA, European Champions Cup competitions, top leagues in Italy, France, Israel, Belgium, Spain, England and Switzerland. The objective of this division is to place quality players with the appropriate international professional basketball club. Establishing quality relationships with the
professional teams and players is our main target. Often we hear stories about players being misrepresented because agents are more concerned with their commissions and reputations instead of the players well being. TASM is more concerned with developing the player's career path. We prefer to concentrate on a limited number of players to ensure the quality of service.

TASM has successfully negotiated over 130 basketball employment contracts in 30 different countries. We have placed players over the years in Spain, Greece, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Iceland, France, Hungary, England, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Germany, Belgium and the Dominican Republic.

TASM is a certified NBA agency which has developed close working relationships with key NBA executives, scouts, coaches and a range of top international basketball executives over the years.

The agency has access to a wide database of players ranging from NBA, CBA, European League and NCAA players. We engage in scouting potential talent in various summer leagues in the United States and in the European professional leagues.


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